Elite Performance Solutions




Vision Translated

The first step in transforming your performance is defining and understanding the vision, then translating it by laying out a plan and following through to make it happen. I am committed to utilizing a top level education and elite experience working with the best athletes in the world to provide optimal performance solutions for a wide array of clientele. I offer a variety of services ranging from personal performance training, consulting services for performance centers and gyms, and program development for specific athlete groups and camps.  


Luol Deng

2 Time NBA All Star

"Jacob is not a guy you just workout with, it's a learning process. It's something new. Part of the reason why I became an All Star is because of that, I started taking my fitness so serious. I started working on my diet, my mobility, and programming everything to get better."


Aja Evans

Olympic MEdalist and Current World Champion Bobsledder

"I grew up as a track and field athlete, but decided to pursue an entirely different sport of bobsled to fulfill my Olympic dreams. I've been working with Jacob since I began this journey and with his help and expertise, I was able to have the most success I've ever had in my athletic career yet. Within in 2 short years I became one of the top bobsledders in the world and won an Olympic BRONZE medal! Jacob has so much knowledge and experience to backup his innovative workouts, with every exercise and movement specifically geared to the requirements of my sport. I'm excited for my journey ahead and trust Jacob with my training to get me to the 2018 Winter Olympics and beyond!" 


Time and Experience Yields Perspective