About me...



Raised in Pittsburg, Texas

Graduated Valedictorian of HS Class 

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Christain University with a B.S. Double Major in Movement Science and Health and Fitness

Became Director of Performance and General Manager at EFT Sports Performance in Highland Park, IL over 6 years of employment  

Chose Self Employment to continue to train elite athletes and develop performance and fitness business opportunities in conjunction with D3N9 Diversified Investment Group


I am an Elite Sports Performance Coach, consultant, Jesus follower, husband to my incredible wife, father to our beautiful two girls, and a competitive powerlifter who specializes in a variety of performance solutions for my clients. Over my career, I have trained hundreds of professional athletes, including 8 NFL Pro Bowlers, multiple Super Bowl Champions, a 2X NBA All Star, an Olympic Medalist, and MLB athletes. I have trained a vast amount of collegiate, high school athletes, and adults. Additionally, I have managed and developed staff and business segments for one of the most elite sports performance facilities in the world - EFT Chicago  and one of the gyms in the country Barbell Brigade

There are four critical moments in my career: 

1) As a teenager, being inspired and taught to train by my dad.

2) Studying Movement Science and Health and Fitness at TCU under a phenomenal faculty, including Dr. David Upton. Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Upton was one of the top sports performance coaches in America working with greats like Jane Fonda, Mike Singletary, and Wilt Chamberlain- while also commuting to Florida to work with Arthur Jones on designing Nautilus® equipment. 

3) Leaving graduate school early to work at EFT Sports Performance in Chicago, IL. During my time at EFT, I was able to further my training and business knowledge while learning under Elias Karras, one of the top strength coaches in America, and work with top athletes from every sport and level. 

4) Making the decision to work for myself in order to focus on widening my scope and reach. This decision has allowed me to focus on training a select athlete clientele, consulting for one of the best brands in fitness, conducting educational seminars, and sharing my knowledge and story through numerous top strength and conditioning podcasts.

I am focused on optimizing performance using the combination of education, knowledge, and experience I've gained to create my own brand of elite performance coaching for individuals, teams, and businesses. You will become what you consistently do.  It's my job to provide direction, coaching, and systems to optimize your consistency and translate your vision into reality.