Elite Performance Coaching

At an elite level, talent is always present, but the amount of physical preparation an athlete undergoes determines success and longevity during their career. Coaching 8 NFL Pro Bowlers, multiple Super Bowl Champions, a 2X NBA All Star, and an Olympic Medalist among numerous other professional athletes, has given me unique insight into what truly works and is required to consistently perform as the best in the world. My coaching is customized to prepare for a professional combine, the upcoming season, or maximizing off season time. All areas of athleticism and fitness are assessed and addressed including proper dynamic warm up, mobility, prehabilitation, core, conditioning, speed, agility, power, and strength development. Emphasis is placed on teaching the body how to gain strength, power, and mobility, then apply it to sport movements. No stone is left unturned as we examine supplementation, nutrition, and optimal recovery modalities for a specific athlete. The goal is to develop elite conditioning to match elite talent.

Seminars and Group Performance Solutions 

I provide customized performance solutions for businesses, groups, teams, or sport camps designed to increase value to your participants and advance your organizational mission. First an initial consultation and comprehensive overview of the program is performed to determine scope and goals needed to optimize your program and maximize value for your participants. Then I design targeted programming ranging from strength and conditioning to educational seminars covering a range of health and fitness material for your team or camp to utilize throughout the year.

The applications and possibilities are literally endless. I've designed educational seminars for Reebok Chicago to educate high level coaches and trainers on elite training techniques and business practices. I also provide the global non profit Deng Camp with a variety of services including year around online training and support and in camp athletic assessment, nutritional seminars, and dynamic warm up, mobility, and strength sessions. All campers leave with supplemental material to help reinforce what they learned and apply it throughout their season.. 

Whatever your goal, I can find effective and efficient solutions to add value and help you achieve it.  

Performance Center and Gym Consultation

Experience has taught me that the vast majority business in the sports performance and fitness world are not running as a well oiled machine. Rather, most businesses are lacking foundational infrastructure and systems designed to maximize revenue and experience for their clients. I have 7 years of experience building and running an elite sports performance facility with multiple revenue streams and programs ranging from corporate wellness to NFL Combine training. I also provide consulting services for Barbell Brigade, one of the top strength gyms in the country, to maximize and optimize their gym practices. For both businesses I lead the teams to increase revenue, cut spending, optimize staff, expand new programs and services in addition to strengthening current offerings and build a platform for future growth. We work together to hone your visions and craft an action plan to brand, build, and maximize your facility's potential and create a culture of excellence.